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Tekkeon‘s new competitor of Mobile Power

Published:12/26/2011 5:17:52 PM    View:2462
Detailed information:

No need wait while  charing your devices!With us,we help U charge on the go!Anytime Anywhere!

Lately,1 Esource Technology has announced a breakthrough in Mobile Power.The new developed Mobile Power is more powerful than Tekkeon's.That's it-BUB3.Let us have a look.


 It is with automatically voltage scan and voltage lock function,and supplies uninterrupted power(UPS) for all of your portable devices.

Furthermore,charging and discharging are at the same time. More important of course is,this power bank can charge most laptops,Tablet PC,Mobile Phones,Camera,Video Recorder,iPhone,Mp3,Mp4,PDA and all of your portable devices.

So does your heart beat?Take action,hurry up!

Power up on the go!
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