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Double systems has broken down the mystique of Apple

Published:8/3/2011 9:25:08 AM    View:2639
Detailed information:

  Domestic notebook industry brand, and samsung intel-based dark horse in China strategic cooperation partners–love made, recently also announced the added to challenge apple’s camps, love the vice general manager made HongKun says: “ipad is actually a toy, without any commercial application value, can’t satisfy Chinese consumer business needs.” HongKun said, made out of love the 9.7-inch Windows + android tablet PC double system R92 (32 G / 2 gb DDR3 / WIFI) is the real meaning of the tablet computer, apple ipad can realize the function of entertainment, R92 almost equally can realize, and R92 also has the apple ipad doesn’t have business function, compared to apple ipad2 nearly 4000 yuan price, love the R92 for 2999 yuan made, for apple, it is a kind of quite a challenge.

  In a configuration, love the R92 made by N455 processor, the intel-based Windows + android double system, 2 gb DDR3 memory, SATA hard disk SSD 32 G, low power consumption WIFI wireless Internet (Mini PCI E interface, 802.11 B/G support), the 9.7-inch IPS capacitive touch screen, the Angle of 1024 X768 resolution, USB cameras, 30/130 pixel, 3000 mAh super capacity of lithium battery design, standby time up to 72 hours, video playing time of up to four hours, body size 240 mm * 188 mm * 18 mm, the weight of 1.2 kg, tie-in black/white two kinds of color.

Love the R92 made the streamlined body, positive for black, edge horn is fruity, only a button on the bottom, and at the top of the camera echo each other at a distance, the shell is made of aluminum alloy, magnesium high-grade material all the oxidation of the metal wiredrawing processing, appearance stylish4 and have strong quality feeling, can with the apple ipad2 rival.

  The handling of the tablet computer experience and visual effect mainly through the screen to realize, love the R92 made the 9.7-inch IPS capacitive touch screen, the perspective is as high as 1024 X768 resolution, can play hd video files, browsing hd pictures, R92 also support the more touch and gravity induction function with and apple ipad manipulation of the same experience, such as screen rotation, touch flip, pictures, etc zoom-in entertainment function. IPS screen because in visual effect and touch experience than any other screen more outstanding performance, the prices are higher than normal capacitance screen and resistance screen, so now you only in apple and love made the very few some high-end tablet computer and application.

   Love the R92 made the biggest characteristic is adopted window7 and android operating system design, double Windows powerful business function and android super entertainment function in the R92 perfect fusion of turning the simply switch (as desktop/notebook double operating system), you can switch into different system, operate up quite simple.

  When a business office demand, can choose to enter windows7 system, and our daily in desktop/notebook with Windows system exactly the same. Love the R92 also support made keyboard input and handwritten input two input mode, whether business meeting record, office document entry, or im chatting input, as long as there is need to text input place, can use the two ways to realize easily.


  When leisure entertainment, can choose to enter android system, support hundreds of thousands of games and applications software, can R92 through the WIFI function free download to tablet computer, such as web surfing, watch the news and information, QQ/MSN/chat online video, SKYPE and music, and enjoy the micro bo/community, email, watch mobile TV, check stock prices and the weather forecast DuoZhong network applications. Can also play plant war, angry birds zombies, fruit ninja, talking TOM cat, etc. Various kinds of classic game the system, and tools, convenient life, network browsing, played tools, wallpaper, security and secrecy, book reading, chat tools DuoZhong application software.

  Tablet PCS general standby time by battery capacity, audio and video and wifi power consumption, especially the influence of power consumption, wifi to different, its power consumption and equipment performance of the difference will be very big. The traditional wifi use is ordinary USB interface, the wifi power, stability is not good, but love made the R92 used the MINI, and traditional PCE interface, MINI USB interface compared PCE interface in power more small on first, stability, but the price is better than the USB interface to your several times.

  Reduce the power consumption of WIFI love makes the R92 has made more long endurance, and USES 3000 mAh battery, super capacity design standby time up to 72 hours, video playing time for up to four hours, in similar products in the love of the R92 made life ability to grab an eye most performance.

  Intel-based and samsung in China as a strategic partners, the world many multinational group of choice for OEM and industry and commerce, has an annual output of 5 million sets of world class manufacturing base to love, and we can set the shenzhou, etc, together with apple, now also dare not beyond jump to conclusions, but one thing is certain, the more understand the Chinese market in recent years the national brand in the IT the consumer market has made great progress, also more and more get the favour of domestic consumers

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