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Asus Series
Product name:Asus Series   Part No.:Asus Series

We can not list all of them here, below are some typical and common ones used on Asus laptops which are for your reference.
Asus Series Laptops Batteries:
90-NX62B2000Y,9COAAS031219,A32-UL20,90-OA001B9000 AL31-1005 AL32-1005,L0690L6, L0A2016, A32-F82,x57vn,x55sv,x55sr,x55sa,m70sr,m70sa,m51vr,m51va,m51sr,m51sn,m51se,m51kr,m51e,m50v ,m50sv,m50sr,m50sa,m50q,m50,l50,g50vt,g50,70-NLV1B2000M, 90-NLV1B1000T, 90-NLV1B2000T, 90-NQF1B1000T, 90-NQF1B2000T, A32-U1, NBP6A138……

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